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Our Residential Leader Program

Our volunteer Residential Leaders (RLs) play an incredibly important role in our communities. A team of Residential Leaders are dispersed within each residence and at each campus to provide support and assistance, event management and mentoring to residents throughout their time on campus. Our leaders are provided with comprehensive training prior to and during their time as leaders including topics such as respectful relationships, bystander intervention, mental health and leadership. Students who undertake the position of RL are provided with hands-on leadership experience, team building and networking opportunities, and ongoing support, equipping them with knowledge, skills and expertise of immense value to future employers.

What role do our Residential Leaders play

Our approach and frameworks

Belong, Balance, Broaden

Deakin Res is here to ensure you are happy, healthy and connected with each other, our team and the broader community.

Student Experience Pillars

Deakin Res has a critical role to play in enhancing the student experience of all residents who live on campus.

Our Community Values

Deakin is a nurturing environment with a collaborative culture of respect that allows all students to thrive academically and grow.

Award Winning

We’re also proud to highlight that our Deakin Res team has been awarded a number of international and local awards for its student experience and facilities.

Ensure you feel happy, healthy and connected.