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Your experience of a lifetime starts with a move into Res

It's at the heart of Deakin, where the action happens. A home where you can embrace new experiences, and have the entire Deakin experience within your reach. A home that enables an environment for you to feel happy, healthy and connected with each other.
Felt safe and comfortable in their new home.
Agreed that living on campus helped them to live independently.
Felt satisfied with the quality and range of activities.
Felt Res was welcoming to people of different backgrounds


Our Deakin Res Experience Grants, provide a $1,000 rental subsidy for ten incoming students. Eligible students must apply for Deakin Res by 2 December 2022 and accept their offer by 10 Feb 2023.

Four reasons to make your move to Deakin Res

Deeper friendships
Deeper Friendships
On-campus students have a stronger sense of belonging and form deeper connections with other students, courtesy of our tailored living options, peer support, and an extended transition program.
Extensive Orientation
Extensive orientation and transition
You'll make friends for life while living on campus. Meet your new friends (and housemates) via our pre-arrival online induction and upon arrival as part of our exclusive and tailored residential orientation program.
Cultural / Social
Diverse Cultural and social activities
 Do you like photography? Drama? Sports? Singing? We've got it all covered. A variety of small and large, in person and online events will be offered so depending on the month you might find yourself trying out yoga, attending a virtual trivia night or sharing a meal with your new room mates.

Our Community Values: Respect

Residents and staff share the responsibility of building and maintaining a healthy and happy community, and our collective goal is to create a living environment which is guided by our RESPECT Values.

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International resident Vaibhav tries out some iconic Aussie foods!
Trying Aussie foods
International resident Vaibhav tries out some iconic Aussie foods!
Our world class orientation and transition awaits
Resi O-week
Our world class orientation and transition awaits
The 5 things Jacinda couldn't live without on Res.
What to Pack?
The 5 things Jacinda couldn't live without on Res.

Our approach and frameworks

Belong, Balance, Broaden

Deakin Res is here to ensure you are happy, healthy and connected with each other, our team and the broader community.

Student Experience Pillars

Deakin Res has a critical role to play in enhancing the student experience of all residents who live on campus.

Our Community Values

Deakin is a nurturing environment with a collaborative culture of respect that allows all students to thrive academically and grow.

Residential Leaders

Our volunteer Residential Leaders (RLs) play an incredibly important role in our communities.

Award Winning

Finding your home starts with the right on campus location


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