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Strong family ties at Deakin Res

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  • Posted March 2021

A female and male resident stand together smiling at Deakin Melbourne Burwood Residences.

Moving away from home to attend university has long been a rite of passage for many students and for Henry and Hailey Silva, and Lachlan and Jasmine Carboon, living on campus at Deakin Res has become somewhat of a family tradition. Funnily enough, all four are also graduates of Galen Catholic College, in nearby Wangaratta.  

Henry and Hailey, siblings from the small country town of Myrrhee in Victoria’s north-east, both currently call Deakin’s Burwood campus home. Hailey is studying Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology), first moving onto res in 2019, whilst Henry, studying Biomedical Science, arrived this year.  

Hailey was first to set the trend in her family, electing to study at Deakin because of the high ranking of her course of study. Choosing to apply to live on campus, she notes that she was keen to find “…a community where I could connect with people with similar interests.” Safety was also a top priority. “I was also looking for somewhere that felt safe as a young woman moving out of home for the first time, and res provided that.” Choosing to study and live on campus was also an easy decision for Hailey’s brother, Henry, who notes that Deakin offered the course in which he was interested, and multiple family members including cousins, his parents and more recently, his sister, had all studied at the university.  

Henry and Hailey note that living on campus offers a number of benefits. “There’s lots of nice people, the internet is much better than at home, classes are close to where I live and my roommates are awesome” says Henry. He’s also loved the diverse residential experience programs on offer. “I’ve attended a few events already, including boardgames and movie nights, and enjoyed them immensely.” For Hailey, convenience is paramount highlighting that “…the opportunities to meet new people and feel included in a community have made my time on res really positive and helped me to grow as a person.”  

Lachlan and Jasmine, another brother and sister duo, share a similar story. Jasmine is in her third year of studying Design and Visual Communication, whilst Lachlan is in his first year of a degree in Mechatronics Engineering. Lachlan notes that his experiences visiting the Burwood campus really cemented his decision to choose to study and live at Deakin.

I was very impressed with how modern everything was and how comfortable I felt being there. Deciding to live on res was an easy decision as it’s a great way to meet new people and form new friends.
Jasmine, Burwood Resident

Deakin was Jasmine’s top pick because of the flexibility of her course, offering plenty of free electives for her to explore other design subjects. Her decision to live on campus was actually made before she even chose her university. “I didn’t want a long commute or to have to rely on public transport, and I recognized that living on campus was a good way to ease myself into independent living, and the perfect way of sharing the experience with people like myself.” 

Whilst only a few weeks into the year, Lachlan loves the residential environment. “I enjoy meeting new people and creating new networks, so it only took me one night to become close friends with everyone in my room. I’ve also have really enjoyed the pool tables they have on res. It’s great way to relax after a big day and have some fun.” Having lived on campus for a few years now, Jasmine appreciates “…the freedom, the people and the fact that it’s super easy to get to class. Deakin Res is always holding events like food trucks, live music, morning walks and board game nights, which I love.”  

 Whilst some might think it’s not ideal to move away from home only to then end up living in the same residence and at the same campus as your sibling, Henry actually highlights it’s been of great benefit. “It’s nice, when I feel homesick I have a member of my family close at hand.” Hailey also adds, “…it’s been great so far, we’ve been able to support each other through the transition of moving, and in our day to day lives.” Lachlan has also had a similar experience.

I enjoy having my sister on campus because she has experience being at Deakin. She knows where everything is and how everything works. It’s great when I am travelling around the campus and I run into her and get to have a little chat
Lachlan, Burwood Resident

For Hailey and Jasmine, continuing to return to residence in subsequent years has been an easy decision. “I chose to return to res because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this sense of community and the comfort that it provides,” notes Hailey. In 2020 and again 2021, Hailey also took on the role if a volunteer Residential Leader, noting that it’s been a great way for her to further develop her leadership skills and become more involved in the residential and university community.  

Jasmine notes that living on campus has enabled her to take full advantage of what’s on offer through Deakin. “I’ve been a part of Deakin TV, a film and television club that’s run through DUSA.  I’m not a film student, but I signed up to attend the weekly movie screenings.  It’s been great as I got to watch a movie each week with a group of amazing people.” Like Hailey, she also took on the role of a Residential Leader in 2020 highlighting that she “…learnt a lot and would highly recommend becoming one if you get the chance.” 

 When asked if living on campus at Deakin Res had lived up to their expectations, all four provide a resounding ‘yes!’ Whilst it’s only early days for Henry and Lachlan, having only lived on campus for a few weeks, both note that the experience has been even better than they were anticipating. Hailey and Jasmine can’t speak more highly of their time thus far. “Living on res is a great experience that I would recommend you take if you can” notes Hailey, whilst Jasmine reports, 

“…it’s been wicked. Ten out of ten would recommend it to anyone considering it.” 

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