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Meet Tiarna, making the most of life on Res

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  • Posted April 2023

Burwood resident Tiarna is living her best life on campus. Moving from regional VIC to Melbourne is a big step, but thanks to a Res Scholarship and a supportive environment, she is thriving at university.

We caught up with Tiarna to learn about what she's studying and how she is finding life on Res so far.

Where are you living on Res, and what are you studying?

I'm living in a shared unit in Burwood, and studying Environmental Science with a focus on Wildlife and Conservation Biology.

What made you choose Deakin for studies, and what are you hoping to do when you finish up at uni?

Deakin is renowned for its Bachelor of Environment Science, and I'd heard great things about the uni and res, so I chose to come here. After completing my undergrad, I'm hoping to do honours and masters, and become a wildlife biologist, helping to protect endangered species like the Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

What has your experience been like living on Res so far?

So far the experience has been great. The people and facilities are lovely, as well as all the staff, making the move easy and enjoyable. There are always fun and engaging activities available to meet new people and feel more at home on campus.

What are your favourite places on campus and on Res?

I think my favourite place on campus is the library, and the study rooms on Res. There are great places to study with other students, helping to motivate each other and get the work done.

What has having a residential scholarship meant for you as you start your university studies?

A res scholarship has made for a easy transition from high school to uni, without having to stress about losing time to study with hours of commute back and forth each day. It has meant I have had access to all the on site Deakin resources with just a ten minute walk, making easier to access pracs, work shops, seminars and after class study. It has also meant I could afford to live on campus and live independently without any financial burden.

What would you say to other students considering applying for the scholarship, and living on Res?

I would say there’s no harm in applying! You’ve got no shot if you haven’t applied for a scholarship and it’s a really easy application process. When I applied for the undergraduate 2023 scholarships, I was really hoping for a res scholarship so I could easily and affordably attend Deakin, but thought it was a long shot. I was fortunate enough to be successful and it could very well be you.

If you’re unable to obtain a scholarship but still want to do res, I would strongly recommend it. It’s a great way to transition into uni and independent living whilst having a wide network of support and resources.

Thanks to Tiarna for sharing her experiences so far! If you're interested in learning more and applying for a Res Scholarship, you can read more here.

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Sam Johnstone Manager, Experience and Engagement

Sam Johnstone is Manager, Experience and Engagement at Deakin Residential Services. With a background in engagement and student experience roles across Deakin and the wider Higher Education sector, Sam is passionate about supporting students to reach their full potential.

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