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Meet award winner: Jane Tyack

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  • Posted October 2020


Jane Tyack first moved onto campus in 2019, living at our Waterfront Campus for the past two years having completed her schooling at Bendigo Senior Secondary College. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws/Arts. Asked what she loves so much about life on campus, Jane notes that Deakin Res “…is a great way to meet a variety of people from so many different walks of life.

Reslife has taught me to take it easy, as living with people 24-7 may seem overwhelming to begin with, yet it is the most exciting and wonderful thing I have ever chosen to do. You learn so much about yourself through your roommates and you get a heap of live-in study buddies.
Jane Tyack, Waterfront Resident

In T3 2019, Jane was selected as a Residential Leader. She notes that being an RL encouraged her to step outside of her comfort zone, challenging her to get involved in campus life, and run a large variety of social, cultural, sporting and academic events. Whilst COVID 19 has certainly had an impact this year, adding a whole new set of challenges, Jane highlights that the Campus Life team at Waterfront has seamlessly managed to recreate the fun-filled res experience online, with hilarious TikTok challenges and weekly polls. 

 “Being a Residential Leader is a once in a lifetime experience that is equally challenging as it is rewarding. It was both daunting and exciting initially, but when you decide to jump in, you experience just how enjoyable every single Res event can be, and how much you actually want to stick around for longer so you don’t miss out on the fun.”  The training provided for those undertaking the role of an Residential Leader at Deakin Res was of particular benefit to Jane. 

I’ve developed my communication, critical thinking, leadership and customer service skills. This training and hands-on experience has enabled me to reach further outside my comfort zone and has increased my opportunities for employment.
Jane Tyack, Waterfront Resident

Jane was recently awarded a highly prestigious Deakin University Students Helping Students Award this year in recognition for her role as a Residential Leader. You can read more about these awards on the Deakin website. The Deakin Residential Services team congratulates her on this incredible achievement! 

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Laura Burge Student Experience and Engagement Manager

Laura is widely regarded as an industry expert in the theory, planning, and delivery of exceptional student experiences, having honed her skills over the course of a career spanning two decades and multiple higher education institutions.

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