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Congratulations to new Res alumni!

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  • Posted April 2022

Deakin's Burwood campus has been full of activity recently, with Grads on the Green replacing traditional graduation ceremonies this year. This special event is running across our other campuses as well, and we congratulate all former residents who are completing their studies and becoming new alumni!

It's the culmination of so much hard work and determination for graduating students, and we're so proud of the achievements of ex-residents like Celia Cope-Williams (pictured), who move out into the world with a world-class education, as well as life-long friendships and a sense of independence from their time living on Res.

We caught up with Celia after the Grads on the Green ceremony, where she received the testamur for her Bachelor of Communication (Journalism). Reflecting on the feeling of graduating, Celia says,

It's honesty the biggest relief, it's taken a while but it's really nice to have that degree and see the potential it can give me now.

Celia was a Residential Leader at the Burwood campus, where she really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with that leadership community. She says,

I made 25 extra friends automatically, which was really beautiful and we still keep in contact to this day. It's just nice to see our growth and that support that we know we can depend on one another, so that was a really nice thing to have.

Celia embraced life on Res over her time living on campus, acknowledging that she grew a lot through this experience. She says,

The community was what got me out of my comfort zone. I would be a completely different person if I wasn't on Res. It was like my second home here.

Finally, when asked what was next for her after graduation, Celia said,

I'm going to do some internships and maybe do some travelling while I'm there. And find my path along the way.

Well said Celia! Congratulations to you and your fellow graduates. You join a worldwide community of over 300,000 Deakin alumni, and a special group within that of Deakin Res alumni. All the best for your next adventures as you follow your paths!

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Sam Johnstone Manager, Experience and Engagement

Sam Johnstone is Manager, Experience and Engagement at Deakin Residential Services. With a background in engagement and student experience roles across Deakin and the wider Higher Education sector, Sam is passionate about supporting students to reach their full potential.