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Belong, Balance, Broaden

Deakin Res is here to ensure you are happy, healthy and connected with each other, our team and the broader community. Our Belong, Balance and Broaden program is designed to:

  • Foster a sense of belonging and engagement within our community

  • Encourage a balance of mind and body

  • Explore opportunities to broaden your horizons through personal and professional development activities, webinars and workshops.

Belong to your community

Connecting with those around you is essential for your overall wellbeing. We know our residential community is a second home so we’re here to make sure you:  

  • Are connected and engaged with your fellow residents and our staffing team,  

  • Remain an active member of our community,

  • Share meaningful experiences, communal activities and celebrations.   

Balance your mind and body

Life as a university student can be challenging, and it’s not easy balancing competing demands including study, work, family, friends and your social life. Our focus is on providing you with the tools and resources to:  

  • Manage blending learning arrangements,   

  • Support your mental health, emotional wellbeing whilst encouraging you to stay physically active,   

  • Learn techniques to develop and maintain your resilience, motivation, mindfulness and positivity.  

Broaden Your Horizons

Life on campus provides the perfect opportunity to embrace new experiences whilst developing and enhancing your personal and professional skillset. Whether it’s learning a new recipe, language, or craft, we’ll provide an abundance of opportunities to channel your sense of fun and adventure, creativity and competitive spirit by helping you to:  

  • Try a raft of diverse and inclusive programs and activities,   

  • Learn new skills, proficiencies and talents of value both now and into the future,  

  • Continue to enhance your employability through professional development workshops.

Our approach and frameworks

Student Experience Pillars

Deakin Res has a critical role to play in enhancing the student experience of all residents who live on campus.

Our Community Values

Deakin is a nurturing environment with a collaborative culture of respect that allows all students to thrive academically and grow.

Residential Leaders

Our volunteer Residential Leaders (RLs) play an incredibly important role in our communities.

Award Winning

We’re also proud to highlight that our Deakin Res team has been awarded a number of international and local awards for its student experience and facilities.

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